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Audiology & Hearing Aids in Salt Lake City, UT

  • Doctor of Audiology
  • Hearing Tests and Evaluations
  • Hearing Aids
  • 60 day no-risk trials
  • Pocketbook friendly prices
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  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Ear wax removal
  • Re-tubing
  • Custom molds
  • Custom hearing protection
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  • What We Do
We are committed to exceptional service. At Hearing Zone, you will be treated with kindness and respect. You will receive the most excellent technical service available from some of the most experienced and caring professionals . You will also be offered pocket-book friendly pricing. We look forward to helping you hear better and live better!
  • Getting Hearing Aids
Once we have gathered your history and your personal expectations with regard to your hearing, we provide you with expert advice on the most appropriate product to meet your hearing needs:
  • Which ear has a problem hearing?
  • Which style of hearing aid is most suitable for you: analog, digitally programmable, or fully digital?
  • Do you want to regulate the volume of the hearing aid yourself, or would you prefer a hearing aid that adjusts automatically to any hearing situation?
  • Which aid best suits your hearing loss or your personal situation; a custom hearing aid that fits in your ear or a behind-the-ear type?
Doctor and Patient — Audiology & Hearing Aids in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Hearing Testing - Audiogram
In order to adjust your hearing aid to your individual requirements, we first determine your personal hearing profile, or "audiogram". This is done by testing your ability to hear a variety of speech and environmental sounds.
  • Ear Impression
Custom hearing aids, molds and hearing protection require an impression of your ear. We use materiel specifically designed to mold to the exact contours of your ear. It takes approximately 10 minutes for the material to set-up. This "impression" is then sent to the lab for fabrication.
  • The Fitting
To determine the initial settings and programming for your hearing aids, we use your audiogram and a sophisticated computer program. We will teach you how to operate your hearing aids. We will show you how to put them on, or in your ear, depending on the type of hearing aid you get. We will give you detailed information about how to properly care for your new hearing aids. We will also schedule follow up visits.
Child on Clinic — Audiology & Hearing Aids in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Follow-up Care
Once your hearing aids have been fitted you will need several follow-up visits. Follow-up visits help to "fine tune" your new hearing aids. The audiologist will use his experience and the feedback you give him to make any needed changes to your hearing aids and their programming.

All follow-up visits are FREE! In fact, all follow-up visits are FREE of charge for the life of your hearing aids.
  • Pediatric Services
Since we have a wide range of experience in this field, we are also your best choice to fit children with hearing aids. We pay particular attention to our young patients. In relaxed surroundings, they enjoy having their hearing aid fitted, because we make hearing aid fittings fun. We also offer a range of accessories, tailor-made for our young patients.