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Professional audiologist in Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome to the Hearing Zone

At Hearing Zone we offer exceptional service:

  • Doctor of Audiology
  • The latest in Hearing Instrument Technology
  • Selection from major hearing aid manufactures
  • Service on all major brands of hearing aids
  • Well trained professional staff
Finding the right hearing professional is a crucial decision for anyone dealing with hearing loss. Hearing aids cannot be prescribed like glasses, therefore; it is important to select a skilled, experienced, and professional audiologist.
You want someone who will take the time to make the proper diagnoses and recommendations. Most importantly, you need someone who will be available to make adjustments and repairs.
Dr. Young, at The Hearing Zone, has over 20 years of experience, and he plans to serve the needs of his patients for many years to come.
Woman Showing Cochlear Implant — Professional Audiologist in Salt Lake City, UT